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Accessible Culture and Training #access4culture .


The act project (2015-2018) will explore and design accessible culture and training in 4 EU countries: Spain, Belgium, Austria and the UK. It will develop innovative methodologies and models through research and actions, implemented by 9 expert partners: four Universities, two Theatres, two Departments of Culture in local Government, and one Quality Agency.

The act Project aims to

Define a new professional profile of “Media Accessibility Expert/Manager for the Scenic Arts” in the EU.

Promote full participation of all citizens in cultural events – restoring the concept of equal opportunity and Human Right of access to culture.


Promoting equal opportunities and accessibility to cultural events (scenic arts) across countries.

Establishing and qualifying the profile of accessibility expert.

Empowering all citizens and especially people with disabilities to engage in cultural events

The work

Research to determine current and emerging needs in the field of performing arts in terms of accessibility.

Define the “Media Accessibility Expert/Manager for the Scenic Arts” profile.

Design training content for this profile.

Propose a model policy with the help of regional and local authorities.

Develop a unified EU certification scheme for the new professional profile

The products

A university training course will be designed during the life of the Project.

A MOOC will be designed, tested, and implemented.

act pledge to “nothing for us without us” policy.

Three hackatons, to experiment with art and new technology, and explore what a ‘fully accessible’ live event could be like.

Two fully accessible showcases, part of a co-production live performance produced between Gent and Barcelona.